Services Provided:

  • Balconies
  • Stair Cases
  • Gates
  • Ornamental Doors
  •  Fences
  • Railings
  • Security Gates
  • Structures
  • And More.

About Archidesign Inc.

Archidesign makes quality-award-winning ornamental doors, gates, fences, railings, balconies, staircases, wine cellar doors and more.... 

Makers of Premium Ornamental Door and Iron Works Products

Our Work 

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Aside from enhancing the exterior of your home, our ornamental doors and customized iron works can also make your family members feel more secure since they are made of iron, aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel. Definitely, your house’s price value will increase. 

Make your home more enticing and pleasing to the eyes with the premium products of ornamental doors and iron work such as for railings, gates, and fences of Archidesign, Inc. Based in Miami, Florida, Archidesign is a company specializing in providing ornamental doors and iron work well-known all throughout the country. Our 20 years of existence in the industry is a proof of our high quality of products known in and around Florida, such as in Miami-Dade, Broward, Ft Lauderdale, Homestead, Key West, Palm Beach, Davie, Southwest Ranches, and Weston.

Archidesign is well-known for its ornamental doors, aluminum or iron gates, fences, railings, staircases, and many more. We have a wide array of designs which our customers can choose from, from classic to contemporary designs. Further, we also offer customization services in case our customers intend to have a more personal touch on their doors or fences. Ultimately, our aim is to make masterpieces that best cater to the needs and interests of our clients, from the size, shape, color, and other finishing touches.

​Proudly serving all of Florida for over 20 years, Archidesign, Inc. is just a phone call away.


In particular, Archidesign, Inc. offers the products of ornamental doors and iron works such as staircases, fences, gates, railings, security doors, wine cellar doors and many more. These doors and other iron works are intended to further enhance the look and feel of your home and for security purposes as well. Our products are well-known in Miami-Dade, Broward, Ft Lauderdale, Homestead, Key West, Palm Beach and surrounding areas in Florida. Manufactured intricately and adhering to the highest quality of workmanship, we always work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure we will be able to address their needs and provide them with the product that best suited to their desired style. From the size, shape, color, and other finishing touches, we can definitely deliver in the soonest time possible. We consider our products to be master pieces, intricately designed but functional for a long period of time.